When to Use Toner Day or Night

When to Use Toner Day or Night

Achieving flawless skin is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes months and years of regular skincare routines to acquire the perfect clear skin. And among all the skincare products, toner is a tricky addition to your routine. Let’s talk abot Use Toner Day or Night. 

It can be hard to find the right toner for your skin and regulate its timing when you have hundreds of options before you. But with keen research on your skin type and the products, it’s possible the achieve the skin of your dreams. 

And we have come forward to help you make a decision on this particular matter. The following article contains a broad discussion on “when to use toner- day or night”. Let’s move further to find out more about this. 

What is Toner and What Does It Do


Toner has been a part of people’s skincare routine since the beginning. And if you do a quick scan around the internet, toner is described as a liquid substance that helps clean and brighten your skin and is refreshing. 

But that’s a very ancient idea of a toner. In recent times, skincare technology has improved a lot and the concept of toner has completely changed. 

According to dermatologists and estheticians, a toner is not something that helps in cleaning your skin. Dr. Shah advises, if you find dirt on your cotton pad while using a toner, you should go for better cleansers. Because these types of toners can dry out your skin which leads to aging before it’s time. 

Nowadays toners are made to treat a specific skin condition with an active ingredient. So, you will have to pick out one addressing your specific need. For example, if you have irritated skin, you can go for a toner with a pH of 5.5 to help calm down your skin. 

If you have no particular issues to address, then you can easily skip this step of your skincare routine or you can go for a normal hydrating toner that will help you plump up your skin. A hydrating product will always feel good on your skin. 

When to Use a Toner- Day or Night?

It actually depends on the ingredients of your toner to decide when should you use it. As there are many types of toners in the market, you need to pick out one suitable for your skin. Toners can have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, AHA, BHA, PHA, etc.

On the other hand, many brands produce toners with natural ingredients like witch hazel, rose extract, rice water, essential oils, aloe vera, green tea, snail extract, etc., and many more.

If your toner has exfoliating substances or acids like AHA, BHA, and PHA then you should only use it at night and not more than 2-3 times a week.  Because of their exfoliating features, sun exposure can have a very bad effect on your skin and that can lead to rash and sunburn. Never skip sunscreen if you are using an exfoliator or exfoliating toner.

In case your toner has hyaluronic or niacinamide, you can use them in your AM and PM routine without any concern. But to be on the safe side and for the best outcome, wear sunscreen during the day.

And if you are a fan of toner with natural ingredients, you don’t need to stick to a strict routine to use them. You can use it whenever you want to get some hydration and a refreshing effect on your skin. 

Proper Way of Using a Toner

We know that different types of skin require different types of toners based on your skin’s necessity. But the way of applying is all same. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the proper way to use a toner:

Cleanse your face: At first, you need to clean your skin perfectly. You can use a facial cleanser for it. This will remove any dirt, makeup, or excess oils from your skin.

Step 1: Pat dry

It is a very initial step. Dry your face by gently patting.  You must use a clean towel. Avoid rubbing your skin. It may cause irritation.

Opt for the suitable toner: There are many types of toners available, such as hydrating toners, exfoliating toners, or pH balancing toners. Choose a toner that matches your skin type.

Dispense the toner: Pour a little amount of toner onto a cotton pad. The amount will vary depending on the toner and your preference.

Step 2: Apply the toner

If using a cotton pad, just slowly and gently wipe the pad across your face, starting from the center and moving outwards. Pay attention to your T-zone, cheeks, and chin. Alternatively, if using your hands, cup your palm and pat the toner onto your face, starting from the center and working your way out.

 Step 3: Be gentle

When applying the toner, avoid applying too much pressure or rubbing harshly. Use gentle, upward motions to ensure even distribution and minimize any potential irritation.

Step 4: Focus on problematic areas


If you have specific problematic areas, such as acne-prone or congested areas, you can apply a bit more toner to those areas. Do not to overdo it, as it may cause excessive irritation.

Step 5: Allow it to absorb

 After applying, wait for a few moments to absorb into your skin before moving on to the next step in your skincare routine. This will ensure that your skin benefits fully from the toner’s properties.

Step 6: Follow up with moisturiser


Once the toner has absorbed, apply your regular moisturizer or any other skincare products you typically use. The toner will have prepped your skin, allowing for better absorption and enhanced results from subsequent products

Remember, everyone’s skin is unique, so it’s essential to find a toner that works well for your specific needs and skin type. If anything wrong happens, don’t use that toner and consult a dermatologist for further guidance.

Top 5 Toners of 2023 

You may get confused by all the toners available on the market. Here, we have shortlisted 5 best toners of 2023. Here is the list.

  1. SK-Il, SK2 Facial Treatment toner
  2. Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray | Soothing and Refreshing pH Balancing Toner | 
  3. LANEIGE Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer Care
  4. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner 8.4 oz/ 250 mL
  5. Farmacy Deep Sweep 2% BHA Toner 


Dr. Ingky says himself, “A toner’s job is to exfoliate and hydrate your skin”. This is not a must-have product in your skincare routine, but it does help make your skin better if you are able to choose the correct one for your skin.

But if you are using a toner, you must know how and “when to use toner- day or night?”, you must do a thorough research regarding your skin type and needs and then you should pick out a product for your skin. But if you are still confused about the matter, you can always consult an esthetician or a dermatologist. 


Is it necessary to use toner on a daily basis?

Of course not! If you don’t have extremely oily skin, you should never use toner on a daily basis. Because toner can be drying, it is important to use it only when your skin requires it. If your skin type is dry, you might only need it once a week or max two times. 

Should I apply toner before or after applying moisturiser?

It is generally recommended to use toner before moisturiser. Toner balances the pH level of the skin, removes impurities, and prepares the skin for better absorption of subsequent products. Applying toner first ensures that your skin is clean and ready for moisturiser. If you use other skin care products, such as eye cream or serum, the toner should be applied first.


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