How to fill travel perfume bottle

Since it’s a useful talent, filling a perfume bottle is excellent. For example, you will be able to use empty smell bottles and easily travel with your favorite fragrances. If you follow these general procedures, filling a travel perfume bottle can be a straightforward task.

Supplies you might require:

Nevertheless, you will want some instruments before you begin decanting the scent bottles. These are those that are:

  •  empty bottle of perfume
  •  Pliers Shears
  •  Syringe or funnel
  •  Thin cloth or tissue
  •  Scissors 

Types of perfume bottles:

type of perfume bottle

Use a metal, glass, or plastic perfume travel bottle if you wish to bring your preferred cologne or perfume on your next trip. When utilizing a metal atomizer, align it with your primary perfume’s spray nozzle and fill it to the brim with fragrance. To use a plastic atomizer, just mist the perfume directly into the container. Another option is to fill splash perfume bottles using a little funnel. You may fill your travel bottle with perfume with ease using any choice-

  • Metal perfume travel bottle
  • Glass perfume travel bottle &
  • Plastic perfume travel bottle.

Before Filling Steps:

Remember that different perfume bottles have different designs, so modify these steps accordingly. You can begin the filling process as soon as you’ve gathered all the required supplies. But before filling, there are some must steps to follow. Such as-

Step 1: Remove the perfume bottle’s cap:

You must take off the cap first. To accomplish this, take the pliers and use them to take the nozzle or sprayer off of the bottle. In addition, you can expose the base entirely by using the plier to gently shake the nozzle.

In the interim, cover the cap with a tissue or small piece of cloth just to be cautious.

Step 2: Take off the nozzle’s base:

Second, you need to remove the sprayer’s base. That is the most difficult aspect. Additionally, you must use distinct techniques for metal and plastic ones. Let’s investigate that:

Base Metal-

To free up the metal base, slowly shake it left and right with pliers. To prevent the glass from breaking or cracking, make sure the pliers are not very tight around the base.

Base Made of Plastic-

To remove them from the bottle, cut them with scissors and slide them beneath the base. And to make it function more quickly and easily, try this from all angles. If scissors aren’t working, though, try using pliers, and be cautious when touching the glass bottle.

Step 3: Correctly seal the bottle:

Lastly, make sure the perfume is tightly sealed after transferring it from one container to another. Put the sprayer back on top after reattaching the base. Additionally, if the sprayer has a screw design, you may tighten the seal by just screwing it into the next.

Fill a bottle of travel fragrance:


The ideal travel companion may be your most beloved scent. However, you must use a smaller bottle because you can only consume a small bit. Additionally, travel sprays are the ideal way to carry your favorite fragrance because there are so many possibilities available on the market. As a result, the travel sprays have an 8 ml capacity and the purse sprays have a 5 ml capacity, which is good for a week.

Filling travel-sized perfume bottles is a simple task. This is what needs to be done:

Choose Your Fragrance:

Select the fragrance that you wish to move into the travel bottle. Make sure the original perfume bottle is screwed shut.

Empty the fragrance bottle:

Occasionally tiny glass fragments break and stick around the container’s neck, where they can enter the liquid. Thus, you must gently wipe the bottle’s top in order to clean it.

Get the Funnel Ready:

To prevent spills, use a funnel if you have one. Put the funnel firmly over the portable perfume bottle’s entrance. Pour the perfume into the travel bottle with caution after holding the original perfume bottle over the funnel. Pour slowly to guarantee accuracy and prevent spillage.

Refrain from Overfilling:

Don’t fill the portable perfume bottle to the brim. To avoid spillage and guarantee that the bottle can be closed securely, leave sufficient room at the top.

Tightly Close the Bottle:

After the travel perfume bottle is full, shut it tightly to stop evaporation and leaks. Verify that the cap is properly sealed.

Clean the Bottle:

 If the bottle is made of glass, make sure to wipe off any extra perfume from its outside. This keeps the bottle clean and helps keep it from getting slippery.

Label the Bottle:

You might wish to label the travel perfume bottle if you’re transporting several scents or just want to make sure you remember the scent.

Check the Seal:

Make sure the cap is tight and the bottle doesn’t leak before placing it in your bag. You can do a quick test by inverting the bottle and looking for any leaks.

Pack with Care:

 To prevent leaks, place the filled travel perfume bottle in a designated pouch or zip-lock bag in a secure area of your luggage.

Excess perfume:

To keep the perfume bottle clean and prevent spillage, wipe off any extra.

Prevent any leakage:

To make the travel bottle leak-proof and convenient to transport, place it inside a plastic bag that can be sealed.

Where to Purchase Perfume in Plastic Bottles?

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Nevertheless, remove the bottle’s cap and load the atomizer if your fragrance bottle lacks a spraying mechanism. For example, unscrew the tops of the atomizer and perfume bottle, and then delicately transfer the juice with a dropper. The scent can then be carefully added to the atomizer, making sure there are no air bubbles inside.

Above all, make sure the cap is tightened after you have finished filling.

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